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Harvest for the World

Testimonials for Harvest of The World from clients


I, Paul am a resident of Harvest For The World, and this is how I got here.  I started using drugs at the age of 47. My drug of choice crack. I used until  two and a half years ago. I met Joanna the director, at her soup kitchen, which I attended regular.I would come there black and blue from being punched in the face. In the 17 years I used drugs, I lost a marriage , house, car, work and lost my mother's house, thank God I didn't lose my life.The director put me into a 28 day program and I completed the program and moved into Harvest For The World house as the first resident in 2004. I am now the house manager  I have been here for two years and five months.I could not be in a better environment, everyone gets along  wonderful. I am truly blessed to be in Harvest For The World. I  make four to five n.a. meetings a week and have two years five months clean. Harvest For The World is definitely the place to be. -- Paul Van Riper         


Harvest House has been has been major participants in helping my family get back on our feet. In 1996, I became ill and was unable to work for many years. In this time I was unable to supply family with the basic needs that people take for granted, such as, food and clothing. The director of this program, Joanna Bell-Richards stepped in when no one else did. Joanna would come to my house and look in my refrigerator and see it was empty. By the end of the day she would return to my home with bags of food and other personal items. She not only supplied food, she gave me employment when I was unable to return to work. She also encouraged me to return back to school to further my education. Today I am gainfully employed as a registered nurse in a near by emergency department. Mrs. Bell-Richards and her organization Harvest For The World are the true meaning of charity and caring.  --  Yolanda Green     



This is to express our profound gratitude for having facilitated snow removal from our property during the last four storms. The fact that we are both aged seniors and are incapable of  shoveling snow. I am 89 years old and my wife,Dorothy is 85 with no one to assist us in this endeavor.Your voluntary service was a Godsend blessing. I understand you give this assistance to other seniors in the area without charge. We pray His Blessings Upon You for your great service to the community.Yours in Christ.   --  Rembert & Dorothy Brown