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Joanna Bell-Richards


Sunshine to Joanna Bell-Richards. She is the founder of Harvest For The World Inc. and responsible for a new awakening of human and social services in the town of Roosevelt, NY and it's surrounding communities. As executive director, she has implemented a variety of programs enhancing the quality of life for our community residents. She, along with her board of directors, spearheaded what has truly become a grassroots effort to eradicate hunger, and give underprivileged people a leg to stand on. Joanna is a product of Roosevelt society. She went to school there, and was a single parent in search of the services that Harvest For The World now provides. At one point in her life she found herself homeless with a child and still holding down a job while juggling baby-sitters. Positive people came to her aid, for which she was eternally grateful, and reciprocates positivity to this very day. All glory is to God. She vowed to never forget where she came from.
Her experience in human compassion was shaped by her employment at neighborhood youth corps, where she graded class work by special ed kids, her tenure at cerebral palsy, then embarking on school for nursing asst. where she graduated at the head of her class going on to labor in that field. Her experience in education gives her lioness confidence, attending Hofstra University, graduated 2nd in class at Grumman Data Institute, and went on to be hired by Grumman until it's merger, and had  been employed for Nassau Automotive for 25 years as a bookkeeper.
As director of Harvest For The World, she has garnered more positive media attention than any other organization in the area in the last 5 years.CNN news, ABC news, CBS, NBC, NEWS 12, N.Y.daily news, Newsday, Community Journal,1010 WINS,1520 WTHE. Joanna's a common sight at The Town of Hempstead building and has received numerous citations from Council Woman Dorothy Goosby, Leg. Kevan Abrahams, County Exec. Thomas Suozzi, representatives of The Town of Hempstead and the county of Nassau N.Y. She's been recognized by the U.S. Congress, and because she does way over 4000 hours of community service, she has deservedly been awarded the Presidential Call to Service Award. There's much more work  to be done, and Harvest For The World will be there.

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