Harvest for the World

We feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and provide options where none existed...
HARVEST FOR THE WORLD has been distributing food boxes Monday thru Saturday since the height of the covid pandemic, we've been doing it with the help of L.I. Jewish Hospital
The following names are the super donors from L.I. Jewish hospital. Angelik Bell, Tywanna James-Rouse, Adriane Waring, Roxeen Weir, Janice Coe, Lillian Kopec, Lauren Rothstein, Brigid Cahill, Wayne Vieira, Margie Crisostomo, Rashel Cubabangbang, Jyothis Joy, Jennifer Arango, Rinu Roy, Hyacinth Barrett, Lisa Chung, Marleen Reid, Janet Geskie. You guys are heroes in this community in every sense of the word.Every superlative is reserved for you all.
We really don't know what to expect this covid school year, but Harvest For The World was able to provide backpacks and school supplies for hundreds of our community residents,along with crates of needed food supplies.
Harvest For The World caring for the community at the YTI Pop-Up shop bazaar on Sept.13th in Uniondale.